June Blogger Challenge # 4 – High’s and Low’s

What has been the biggest high of your year?


I have had 2 big high’s this year. First would be my daughter’s 5th birthday. Any parent know’s the high that comes with celebrating a child’s birthday. And the second would be my first wedding anniversary. Married for a whole year! To such an amazing man! 

What has been your biggest low?

I haven’t really had a biggest low. I have had a few rough patches, family drama etc. But nothing too low

Why was this moment your biggest high?

These moments were my biggest highs as they are big milestones. Firstly I managed to keep a person alive for a another year. That’s 5 and counting now. That’s a huge achievement. And the wedding anniversary is pretty self explanatory. We have been married for a whole year. With no major hiccups, no fights, no arguments, just a year of love.

As mentioned I have not suffered any low low’s. Its been a good year.