Entertaining and Educating

Jae-Lyn is all about learning. If you were to put a pile of dolls and toys in front of her and then hand her a page of sums, she would sit and do the sums. That is just who she is and hopefully always will be.

Having a child that loves to use her brain is wonderful, it’s what most parents strive for. My daughter will choose a book over a doll everytime and that makes her bookworm mommy very proud. Lately I have been a bit worried though. She works through worksheets and workbooks at an alarming pace. I just recently bought her a new one, next in the series that she has previously been busy with and saw that it is Grade 1 level. My daughter is in Grade RR. She has a year and a half to go before even entering Grade 1!  How did I handle this you ask? I ran off to her teacher, who is amazing, to ask her advise.

Jae-Lyn’s teacher reassured me that although she is ‘ahead’ of the class she never sits around bored. She excels in all aspects and I am going to receive a glowing report this term. She also advised me that, although it is never a good idea to push a child to do work that is ‘ahead’ of him/her, if Jae-Lyn is requesting the work and enjoying herself whilst doing it that she must certainly continue with it. She also told me that your child can never be too prepared for Grade 1. Children are put under a lot of pressure and expected to learn and master quite a few tasks very early in the year. It’s crazy to think that within the first 2 weeks of Grade 1 our kidlets have to be able to read words as well as give the beginning, middle and end sounds. All this whilst adjusting to big school!

Here come’s my next problem. Have any of you noticed how expensive work books are? Its madness! And most of the time Jae-Lyn will just go through and do the tasks she likes. Thankfully I have found some amazing websites with free printables and I am going to share them with you. Also going to share some sites that have wonderful coloring in pages, because when Jae-Lyn decides she NEEDS to color in Princess Elsa this mommy cannot afford a 100 bucks for a teeny tiny coloring in book!

Here are the links to some great worksheet sites:

Turtle Diary

School Express

Jump Start


Apples 4 the Teacher


And here are the coloring in sites:

Coloring Book

Educational Coloring Pages

Hello Kids


Coloring Castle

Hope you enjoy these as much as we do!




Where has the time gone?

In 4 days I will be the mother of a 5 year old! And to tell you the truth I don’t really know how to process this…..

Now I don’t want to talk for all mom’s out there, but I get super emotional around my daughters birthday. I am filled with a mixture of happy and sad…….

I get all the photos out, watch all the old phone videos and seriously just try to get my head around the fact that my little baby (who will remain my little baby for the rest of her life!) is in fact not a baby any more.

5 years ago I was preparing for her birth, or more like wondering if she would ever actually vacate my uterus.

1590_51952841163_2538_n 2259_64007016163_9247_n

4 years ago I was organising your first birthday party!

21944_331874021163_5061963_n 21944_331874026163_1615711_n


3 years ago we welcomed your cousin Raiden into the world. You have love him fiercely since the word go and the 2 of you are just amazing together. You also started school, which you love!

68875_10150105293661164_4086287_n 162620_10150141234256164_6592584_n


2 years ago you started becoming this little model, who loves everything pink and sparkly. And dancing with your friend in front of a hall full of people was nothing. You still do this, dance in front of people, whether its a party or a good song playing in a shop. When you hear the music you needs to boogies…..

303125_10150558101891164_1838880425_n 310318_10150558101536164_566845201_n


And over this last year you have just grown up so much. You don’t look like a toddler anymore, you want to get involved with more grown up things.  You are to clever for you own good and you are just an amazing little girl. Your dad and I are now talking about primary schools and ballet lessons instead of changing nappies and making bottles.


1560450_10152588166431164_522611602_n 24296_10152603368046164_791235796_n


And even in looking at all these photos I still don’t know where the last 5 years have gone…..




Introducing the Sleep Fairy

My hubby and I got married in May in finally moved in together. Before this Jae-Lyn and I lived at my mothers house and shared a room (but not a bed). The move was obviously a big change for all of us and Jae-Lyn seemed to be ok all in all, except when it came to bed time.


Before she would happily sleep in her own bed by herself and suddenly she couldn’t fall asleep unless I was lying in the bed with her. When she was finally asleep I would climb into my own bed and would then be woken up between 1-5 times a night by my lovely daughter.  She was sharing a room with her cousin so I didn’t want to make a bedtime a huge fighting crying game as this poor boy also needed to get some sleep.


A few weeks ago Jae-Lyn FINALLY moved into her own room. We made it all pink and pretty for her, got her a double bunk and she loves it. We were hoping that this would encourage her to want to sleep at night, but sadly no. This just made her want her mommy in her bed more than ever. 


I have never been a fan of the crying method and my daughter is all about rewards and competitions so we came up with a few beauties:


  • A morning and bedtime routine reward chart. Both charts run for a week at a time and she got to choose the prize at the end of the week for a perfect chart. She chose to be surprised. 
  • A little sleepy helper called the Sleep Fairy. She only visits on nights when Jae sleeps by herself and sometimes leaves a present behind. Jae absolutely LOVES the Sleep Fairy. And yesterday the clever little fairy sent Jae the following letter:

Dear Jae-Lyn

Congratulations on having your own bedroom. I have come to visit you during the night and it looks beautiful. Thank you for leaving the light on in your little Hello Kitty house for me and leaving treats by the bed. It was lovely staying over with you. 

Your mommy told me that you are getting the hang of sleeping in your big girl bed and I wanted to give you something to help you. Tonight when you go to bed there will be a present at the top of your cupboard. This very special present that I have chosen for you can only be opened after you sleep by yourself in your bed for 5 nights in a row. Your mommy is going to put a star on the wrapping paper for every night that you get it right.

I am very excited to see those stars go up. And I will pop in tonight to see how you are doing.

Love, The Sleep Fairy

P.S. If you could leave some biscuits out for me again that would be wonderful



This method seems to be working wonders for us. Jae gets so excited about the sleep fairy and has even ‘seen’ her a few times (although I’m sure she was dreaming)

And I must say that seeing the excitement and amazement in her eyes makes it all worthwhile. What I wouldn’t give to be a child again.

The reward chart that we use can be downloaded here and is completely customizable. I found it on All Things Simple.


Have you come up with any tricks or used something similar to get your child to bed? I would love to here them.



The Fabulous Fours……….

The title of this post is a bit misleading as the F word that I would have liked to use seems a bit inappropriate. My lovely daughter turned 4 in February and its all kind of been downhill from there. Here is a list of what I am going through at the moment:


1. She does not want to do anything. She will cry for a toy that is in another room, but won’t physically get up to fetch it. And I hear MOM, MOM, MOM, MOM, MOM, MOM until said toy is given to her.

2. Her answer to anything is NO, I don’t want to, I really don’t want to, I really really don’t want to.

3. I don’t want (insert dinner dish here) for supper. I want (insert another dinner dish here) rather. And then hear ‘But why can’t you make it for me?’ Followed by a tantrum when I refuse to make said dish.

4. Bedtime has gone from being as easy as pie to an absolute nightmare. By the time I get into my bed I am convinced that a vein inside my brain is going to explode. And I walk around feeling just like stressed Eric for the most part.


This list goes on and on and on and I have come to one conclusion. The effing fours are terrible because your child has started to realize that he/she can make his/her own decisions. He/She does not feel that he/she has to listen to everything that Mom or Dad said because in his/her mind they know better. Little 4 year old’s are like miniature teenagers. But I cannot only put her bad behavior on her age.


She is going through a lot of changes at home and it is obvious that she doesn’t do very well with change. Instead of directing her feelings toward whatever is upsetting her she directs it towards me. In May we moved out of my Mom’s house and into our own house. And it is very clear that she misses her Granny like mad. Even though we still see each other a lot. And her Uncle and his Fiance were living with us and got married on Saturday and have moved out. She is extremely close to them and is a bit heartbroken that they are not there anymore. She will also see them everyday as we live very close to each other. So instead of telling me she is sad because of these things she is cross with me because of the fact that I hugged the dog before her, or I held another baby at her cousins birthday party. It’s kind of heartbreaking. But we are making the best of it and trying to make it as fun and exciting as possible for her. 


Any other moms with 4 year old’s going through something similar? I would love to hear some feedback on what works for you? I am going to try different reward charts and will let you know how those go……..


But in the meantime can someone please pour me some wine…………………………….

My favorite time of the day……

Jae sleeps in her own bed. She sometimes falls asleep in my bed and then is taken to her bed but for the most part she sleeps in her own bed. And she sleeps through, except if she needs to pee. But all in all she has always been a happy sleeper. Every morning at about 5am she gets up, creeps into my bed and attaches herself to me. No jokes, she wraps her legs around me, her arms around my neck and rubs my ears until she falls asleep again.

I’m not going to lie, I love this time of the day. We cuddle, we snooze, we wake up laughing. Those 2 hours together in the morning are just amazing. I don’t mind that I have been woken up, that is our time to reconnect. We know we aren’t going to see each other for a whole 8 hours and we need to get enough hugs and kisses in to last us the day.

I have never chased my child out of my bed, unless she farted. If she decides that tonight she will rather sleep in my bed because ‘hers looks colder’ then that is just fine by me. We all need that time to bond, to catch up and to just be.

It has occurred to me that the day will come when she won’t want to climb into my bed anymore and that’s okay to. Ill just climb into hers haha




Calling all moms…….

My daughter is driving me crazy. There I said it. When she isn’t being super amazing, she is being an absolute nightmare. I may have lost my temper completely last night and now have Mother’s remorse.


The problem is this: she just doesn’t listen. At all. She will do things and touch things that she knows she is not allowed to do. And once she knows she is in trouble her response is to run as fast as she can in any direction. I know that I work and I know that she wants my attention. But there are times when I just can’t give it to her. For example: when I am making supper in the kitchen and she wants me to push her on the swing outside……


Are you Moms going through something similar. Do you have a punishment that works? Corner has turned into a joke in our house. What are your methods? And lastly, how do the working Moms do it?

And so it begins…….

My beautiful, funny, loving daughter turned 4 recently and I have noticed a few changes. The main change being the temper tantrums and attitude that she has been giving.


Here are a few examples of what has been happening:

  • She talks to you when she feels like it. And if you call her, chances are she will ignore you. (Unless you have chocolate)
  • She thinks that if she is in trouble she will run and you will have to run after her and she will turn punishment into a game of cat and mouse. Until you catch her, then she will scream blue murder.
  • She is cheeky and will pull her tongue out, while she is sitting in the corner taking her punishment.
  • Last night things got so bad that I had to fetch Charlie (the wooden spoon). He is the last resort. And she got a smack with Charlie. She jumped up, locked herself in her Dad’s room and shouted ‘Nanananana you can’t get me” through the door. Then proceeded to tell me that she will open the door when I put Charlie back in the drawer. We had to cut the lights to get her to open the door and even then she was still not behaving.
  • This morning she woke up in a fowl mood and so the fun and games continue…….

I have spoken to a few moms that have grown up kids (1 being my mom) and she reckons that this behavior is totally normal and that Jae is just testing her boundaries. Her boundary testing is probably going to lead to me being admitted to a mental institution or her having Charlie permanently attached to her bum. Apparently what is happening is that Jae has feelings that she doesn’t know how to cope with. Like anger, sadness, etc. The only way she knows how to deal with anger is to turn into the Incredible hulk mixed with the girl from Exorcism. So now, what I have to do, is get to her identify what she is feeling and help her through those feelings. I need to teach her to know when she is angry or sad and get her to vocalise what she is feeling. She needs to come to me and say ‘Mom, Im angry because blah blah blah. Which sounds a lot easier that it is.


Are there any moms on here that have already had to do this? What techniques did you use? What worked for you? I would love to hear back from you!