Who am I and why am I blogging?


I wear many hats. My favourite, most blinged out hat is the one that says Mom, Jae-Lyn is 5 years old and an absolute handful! Most days I cannot believe that I am a mom and a grown up. It’s madness. My next favourite hat is most definitely the Wife hat that I have only been wearing for a year. Living in our house and cooking, baking, crafting and being a family is my passion.


We live on a smallholding, with so much space. I grew up in a city and moving to a small town was a huge adjustment but a great one. When we moved to Paternoster we moved into the house next door to my husband. So clearly, the move was meant to be….. What I like most about living where we do is that my husband’s factory is also on the small holding. This means that Jae-Lyn gets to pop over and see her dad whenever she wants. It also means that Dad can come home and spend time with us.


I manage a Guest House and Self Catering accommodation. Dealing with people all day long is quite tiring, but I do enjoy it.


My blog is going to be about my interests, being a mom and just life in general. I would just like to add here that I am not a professional anything. So if I blog about nails, beauty products,cooking or baking, please know that I have no diploma’s or certificates in any of these areas. What I write about is a personal opinion, any tips or tricks that I chat about having worked for may not work for you.





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