June Blogger Challenge #2 – Better Yourself

Day 2 of the Blogger Challenge over at Renaissance Blog is quite a difficult topic to everyone I suppose. Mostly because it is quite a personal topic. And being online you don’t often see people’s flaws or personal problems. This is a bit sad though, because my favourite blogs and online peeps are the ‘real’ ones, the ones that don’t mind to write about whatever is bothering them or going wrong in their lives. 

So, firstly, why did I choose this challenge? I chose it because it’s different to most challenges, and I like different. When you do a challenge and you are given the whole month’s worth of topics in advance you get to cheat a bit. And it’s not much of a challenge. The downside to this is that you don’t know exactly what is coming next. Fear of the unknown! 

What about this challenge is so difficult for me? I am not a very ‘open’ person. Only those very close to me know the real me. I am not good at sharing and until I trust you completely, it’s not gonna happen. This challenge asks very personal questions, which I will try my best to answer. 

If I could choose a part of me that I would like to change what would it be? Such a difficult question, because I have so many. But if I had to choose one it would be my low self esteem. Many people laugh when I say that I have low self esteem, but I do. I am very good at pretending that I don’t though. I don’t have a very good body image, and I think that affects me in many ways. This is an especially difficult topic because I have a daughter, and would hate for her to end up with these issues because of me! 


One thought on “June Blogger Challenge #2 – Better Yourself

  1. This is difficult and yes, many of us struggle with low self esteem and would hate our daughters to go through the same things. But the reality is that they do, not because of us but because of the media, music, movies, the books they read and the perceptions of acceptable that is carried hidden in everything that we encounter. It is so difficult to be proud and aloud in a time when every thought, move, action is “dictated” and we are bombarded with unrealistic and unattainable messages of what we need to be to be happy and acceptable.

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