Entertaining and Educating

Jae-Lyn is all about learning. If you were to put a pile of dolls and toys in front of her and then hand her a page of sums, she would sit and do the sums. That is just who she is and hopefully always will be.

Having a child that loves to use her brain is wonderful, it’s what most parents strive for. My daughter will choose a book over a doll everytime and that makes her bookworm mommy very proud. Lately I have been a bit worried though. She works through worksheets and workbooks at an alarming pace. I just recently bought her a new one, next in the series that she has previously been busy with and saw that it is Grade 1 level. My daughter is in Grade RR. She has a year and a half to go before even entering Grade 1!  How did I handle this you ask? I ran off to her teacher, who is amazing, to ask her advise.

Jae-Lyn’s teacher reassured me that although she is ‘ahead’ of the class she never sits around bored. She excels in all aspects and I am going to receive a glowing report this term. She also advised me that, although it is never a good idea to push a child to do work that is ‘ahead’ of him/her, if Jae-Lyn is requesting the work and enjoying herself whilst doing it that she must certainly continue with it. She also told me that your child can never be too prepared for Grade 1. Children are put under a lot of pressure and expected to learn and master quite a few tasks very early in the year. It’s crazy to think that within the first 2 weeks of Grade 1 our kidlets have to be able to read words as well as give the beginning, middle and end sounds. All this whilst adjusting to big school!

Here come’s my next problem. Have any of you noticed how expensive work books are? Its madness! And most of the time Jae-Lyn will just go through and do the tasks she likes. Thankfully I have found some amazing websites with free printables and I am going to share them with you. Also going to share some sites that have wonderful coloring in pages, because when Jae-Lyn decides she NEEDS to color in Princess Elsa this mommy cannot afford a 100 bucks for a teeny tiny coloring in book!

Here are the links to some great worksheet sites:

Turtle Diary

School Express

Jump Start


Apples 4 the Teacher


And here are the coloring in sites:

Coloring Book

Educational Coloring Pages

Hello Kids


Coloring Castle

Hope you enjoy these as much as we do!




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