Where has the time gone?

In 4 days I will be the mother of a 5 year old! And to tell you the truth I don’t really know how to process this…..

Now I don’t want to talk for all mom’s out there, but I get super emotional around my daughters birthday. I am filled with a mixture of happy and sad…….

I get all the photos out, watch all the old phone videos and seriously just try to get my head around the fact that my little baby (who will remain my little baby for the rest of her life!) is in fact not a baby any more.

5 years ago I was preparing for her birth, or more like wondering if she would ever actually vacate my uterus.

1590_51952841163_2538_n 2259_64007016163_9247_n

4 years ago I was organising your first birthday party!

21944_331874021163_5061963_n 21944_331874026163_1615711_n


3 years ago we welcomed your cousin Raiden into the world. You have love him fiercely since the word go and the 2 of you are just amazing together. You also started school, which you love!

68875_10150105293661164_4086287_n 162620_10150141234256164_6592584_n


2 years ago you started becoming this little model, who loves everything pink and sparkly. And dancing with your friend in front of a hall full of people was nothing. You still do this, dance in front of people, whether its a party or a good song playing in a shop. When you hear the music you needs to boogies…..

303125_10150558101891164_1838880425_n 310318_10150558101536164_566845201_n


And over this last year you have just grown up so much. You don’t look like a toddler anymore, you want to get involved with more grown up things.  You are to clever for you own good and you are just an amazing little girl. Your dad and I are now talking about primary schools and ballet lessons instead of changing nappies and making bottles.


1560450_10152588166431164_522611602_n 24296_10152603368046164_791235796_n


And even in looking at all these photos I still don’t know where the last 5 years have gone…..





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