My favorite time of the day……

Jae sleeps in her own bed. She sometimes falls asleep in my bed and then is taken to her bed but for the most part she sleeps in her own bed. And she sleeps through, except if she needs to pee. But all in all she has always been a happy sleeper. Every morning at about 5am she gets up, creeps into my bed and attaches herself to me. No jokes, she wraps her legs around me, her arms around my neck and rubs my ears until she falls asleep again.

I’m not going to lie, I love this time of the day. We cuddle, we snooze, we wake up laughing. Those 2 hours together in the morning are just amazing. I don’t mind that I have been woken up, that is our time to reconnect. We know we aren’t going to see each other for a whole 8 hours and we need to get enough hugs and kisses in to last us the day.

I have never chased my child out of my bed, unless she farted. If she decides that tonight she will rather sleep in my bed because ‘hers looks colder’ then that is just fine by me. We all need that time to bond, to catch up and to just be.

It has occurred to me that the day will come when she won’t want to climb into my bed anymore and that’s okay to. Ill just climb into hers haha