Calling all moms…….

My daughter is driving me crazy. There I said it. When she isn’t being super amazing, she is being an absolute nightmare. I may have lost my temper completely last night and now have Mother’s remorse.


The problem is this: she just doesn’t listen. At all. She will do things and touch things that she knows she is not allowed to do. And once she knows she is in trouble her response is to run as fast as she can in any direction. I know that I work and I know that she wants my attention. But there are times when I just can’t give it to her. For example: when I am making supper in the kitchen and she wants me to push her on the swing outside……


Are you Moms going through something similar. Do you have a punishment that works? Corner has turned into a joke in our house. What are your methods? And lastly, how do the working Moms do it?


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