Where we are at right now…..

I tried to be a better blogger, I tried to start and finish 2 challenges for February which I failed miserably at. I would like to say that I have a million valid excuses, but the truth is that I only have 1. I do not have enough time in my day. We are a manager short at work at the moment – leaving me to cover the 7am to 7pm shift all by myself. 7 days a week by the way. Our new manager starts next week, so hopefully then I can breathe a bit.


A lot has happened this month. Firstly Jae-Lyn turned 4. Can you believe it! Here is a list of where she is at right now in her life:

Favorite Food: Runny boiled egg with toast soldiers (VOMIT)

Favorite Toy: Dolls, Lego, LeapPad, iPad, and Puzzles (she is a tad obsessed with puzzles)

Favorite Movie: Hotel Transylvania (she sings the Zing song over and over and over, you get the picture)

Parents: She loves her Mommy, she loves her Daddy. She doesn’t love her Mommy and Daddy touching each other, and if we kiss her world comes to an end. And she has a blowout very similar to the vampires in Hotel Transylvania. The joke right now is that when we get married in May that the only person objecting will be our own daughter.

Favorite Song: Jae will find the most inappropriate songs to listen to over and over and over again. For example: She loved the Lazy Song (didn’t have a problem with that, pretty harmless song), now she loves Locked out of heaven (and your sex takes me to paradise) thank G_D for radio versions. Another one of her bests is All eyes on us – Will-I-Am and Britney (bitch). I have convinced her that the lyrics are in fact Britney’s Itch.

Whats with all the questions? I feel like I am being interrogated by my child whenever she wants to know something. She asks questions at such a speed that you start to wonder if you are in fact guilty of any crime. The police have nothing on her.

Behavior: Mostly a well behaved child, sweet and loving. BUT, she seems to ignore people if she doesn’t feel like talking to them, she whines like there is no tomorrow, she is stubborn, and her ears are faulty most of the time.


And that’s about it for now. Hoping to be a better blogger come this time next week!




Day 2 – Memories

First memory would be sitting on my dad’s shoulders collecting eggs on our farm in Sedgefield. I was about 3 years old and its my earliest memory. My Dad was singing ‘I just called to say I love you’. He moved to America when I was 12, and I have seen him for 2 days since he left. Whenever I phone him and get the answering machine I sing our song for him.


I can remember the day my sister was born like it was yesterday. I remember driving to the hospital with my Stepdad. I remember thinking how amazing it was to have my own little sister. With a 6 year age gap I was able to help out with a lot and I felt so important. I also may have stick her in a cupboard at some stage. But we will just let that one slip.


My stepfather was killed in a hijacking when I was 16. This is THE most significant memory of my childhood. It overshadows everything else. This was the day my childhood died and I became an adult. This day changed the course of my life. It took things away from me but also took me to places I never thought I would be. I don’t really talk about it, its something that I have not dealt with at all.