There is no such thing as a perfect Mother…..

An amazing friend of mine posted a blog post about what a terrible mom she is. She listed things she does ‘wrong’ as a mom. I think that as Mom’s none of us are perfect. We all have a list. And here is mine:

  • Jae sometimes goes to school with no bread, because I always forget to buy. And when I run out of biscuits and fruit to fill her lunchbox with she goes in with a Pick n Pay prepacked lunch. Once she went to school with a health bar. She really enjoyed that one though and keeps asking when she will get another one.
  • Sometimes I forget to pack in panties too. Once she came home Au Natural……..
  • I spoil her (I know this to be true, I cant help myself)
  • She whines, cries and screams to get her way. She can be rude and tends to ignore people when she doesn’t wish to speak to them.
  • She does sort of have a routine, but she doesn’t get to bed before 10. Although she does sleep right through. And still has a long afternoon nap.
  • She spends a lot of time in the corner because she is stubborn
  • Her bedtime routine is up to crap because I allowed her to watch movies at bed time during the school holidays.
  • I lose my temper with her way to quickly, I sometimes forget she is only 3 and expect her to behave like an adult.
  • I use my iPad as a babysitter.
  • I am a working mom and therefore do not spend nearly enough time with her. #Mommyguilt

These are just a few, I know that I have loads more………

I would love to hear about what is on your list?bad-mommy


3 thoughts on “There is no such thing as a perfect Mother…..

  1. Came home au natural… hahahahaha! it’s the only way fysh goes. he hates underpants and i’m not amped to make him wear them as it’s another thing to buy.
    Will blog my list tomorrow.

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