There is no such thing as a perfect Mother…..

An amazing friend of mine posted a blog post about what a terrible mom she is. She listed things she does ‘wrong’ as a mom. I think that as Mom’s none of us are perfect. We all have a list. And here is mine:

  • Jae sometimes goes to school with no bread, because I always forget to buy. And when I run out of biscuits and fruit to fill her lunchbox with she goes in with a Pick n Pay prepacked lunch. Once she went to school with a health bar. She really enjoyed that one though and keeps asking when she will get another one.
  • Sometimes I forget to pack in panties too. Once she came home Au Natural……..
  • I spoil her (I know this to be true, I cant help myself)
  • She whines, cries and screams to get her way. She can be rude and tends to ignore people when she doesn’t wish to speak to them.
  • She does sort of have a routine, but she doesn’t get to bed before 10. Although she does sleep right through. And still has a long afternoon nap.
  • She spends a lot of time in the corner because she is stubborn
  • Her bedtime routine is up to crap because I allowed her to watch movies at bed time during the school holidays.
  • I lose my temper with her way to quickly, I sometimes forget she is only 3 and expect her to behave like an adult.
  • I use my iPad as a babysitter.
  • I am a working mom and therefore do not spend nearly enough time with her. #Mommyguilt

These are just a few, I know that I have loads more………

I would love to hear about what is on your list?bad-mommy