The gift of giving……

Its that time of the year again when everyone is in Christmas and Year End mode. I was reading 2 of my favourite blogs last night Rattle and Mum and Diaries of a White Mother, both had articles about a new toy on the market called Trash Can Kids. The story behind these toys is amazing. They are here to bring awareness to street children and orphans. Last night I was watching my little angel sleep, she was in a warm bed, with a full tummy, surrounded by love. I was trying to imagine how she would look after herself on the streets, where she would sleep?, how would she find food?, and most importantly who would love her? Its enough to make any mom burst out in the ugly cry.


So fast forward to this morning, I woke up on a Trash Can kids mission. I need to help children NOW! I phoned around and found an childrens home not far from here. They have 30 kids and after chatting to my amazing sister and bestest best friend we have decided to give them a rocking Christmas. We are going to contact all of our friends, get each child ‘adopted’ and smother them with love and presents.


I have already been in contact with another lady who is also gathering presents and together we will throw them a Christmas party.


I am hoping that EVERYONE who reads this post will feel inspired to help out someone, somewhere. Lets not forget what the real Christmas is all about. Image