Last year I ‘friended’ a fellow mom on Facebook. She went to fetch her daughter from school only to realise that her ex had never dropped her off. 10 days later she was found. After the incident I noticed that Catherine just wanted to make magical memories with her daughter. Photos were uploaded of them going away for weekends, riding horses and just having a great time. In September last year Catherine’s ex found out where she was staying and in the early hours of the morning broke into her house and shot her and himself in front of the toddler. Such a tragedy and loss of a lovely person. But this post is not about the incident. It is about Catherines last facebook post, which was posted a few hours before the shooting:

“Its 1am and Bella and I are having a picnic on my bed with wafer biscuits, marie biscuits and juice!! I’m exhausted but this is such special time!!”

Sometime’s we have to wonder what is more important, routine or making memories? I personally am a making memories kind of person. I spent last night lying in bed watch cbeebies with Jae and chatting about random things. We had a great time laughing, hiding under the blanket and eventually going to sleep. Everyone has a hectic life, we are always late for a meeting or need to be in 2 places at once. Routine becomes very important because it keeps us sane (well as sane as possible), but I think from now on Friday nights will be sillybuggers nights where we really just enjoy each other, take everything in and connect.

Here’s to memories……



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