Lessons learned………l

I was struggling to find something to blog about. Then yesterday something amazing happened. Well, amazing for me anyway, in a mother raising a child kind of way. As a mom you often wonder if you are doing things the right way, and hopefully not screwing your child up for life.

Yesterday I needed to donate blood and fetch Jae-Lyn from school, and the only way I was going to be able to do both would be to take her with me. Now, Jae-Lyn is sensitive, if you hurt she hurts. I made the mistake of coming home from work with a plaster on my finger, she burst into tears.

I was explaining to her why I donate blood. About how it helps sick people and children. She burst into tears. And I nearly started my car up and drove home. But then I didn’t. I took her in, went through the process of having my blood pressure taken, iron levels checked. And then somewhere between to cookies and juice boxes Jae relaxed, she sat on the bed next to me. And chatted about school. She watched me as they put the needle in and I smiled at her (even though inside I was clenching my teeth and screaming silently). We laughed and she demonstrated some ballet (I think) and we kept the nurses very entertained. We shared my cookie and juice. And even when I was done and she saw the 500mls of blood they had just drained from me, she smiled.

I helped my daughter get over a fear. She will still hurt sometimes, she is human. What she has learnt is that even though you think something is going to go one way it might just go another way. And sometimes you need to trust, even though your brain tells you otherwise. And that makes this mom happy.



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